Baby Shower Round Theme Decoration #TFE2292


  • Baby-Shower

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Advance : 3,000.00 Per item


  • Balloons:
    • Light Blue
    • Dark Blue
    • White
    • Chrome Silver
  • Happy Birthday  Printed on Flex Banner
  • Baby Cutout – 1
  • Boss Baby Cutouts  – 3
  • Wooden Number (1)
  • Cake Table
  • Size: 7×7 ft

Part Payment

You Can Choose Part Payment or Full Payment Method.
In Case Of Party Payment, Balance Amount To Be Paid After Our Designers Visit The Place Of Decoration.

Additional Information:
  • Tape will be used in the decoration to stick the balloons and respective decorative items to walls and ceiling.
  • Stool or (and) Ladder should be provided by customer.

Cancellation Policy

  • 24 hours before the experience, 90% will be refunded.
  • 5 hours before the experience, 50% will be refunded.
  • Less than 6 hours before experience: No Refund on Cancellation.

Baby Shower Round Theme Decoration!

Baby showers are a joyous celebration, and what better way to make it memorable than with a captivating round theme decoration? Dive into the world of creativity and love as we explore the perfect elements to make your baby shower truly stand out.

Setting the Stage: Why Round Themes?

Embracing Harmony in Design

When planning a baby shower, the choice of decoration theme sets the tone for the entire event. A round theme brings a sense of harmony and completeness, symbolizing the circle of life and the unending love that surrounds the arrival of a new family member.

Versatility in Style

The beauty of a round theme lies in its versatility. Whether you prefer a whimsical, modern, or classic aesthetic, a round theme can seamlessly adapt to your desired style. This flexibility allows for a personalized touch that reflects the uniqueness of the parents-to-be.

Creating a Round Theme Wonderland

1. Circular Backdrops: A Visual Delight

Elevate your baby shower with a stunning circular backdrop. Whether adorned with flowers, balloons, or thematic elements, a circular backdrop becomes the focal point of the celebration, creating a visually enchanting atmosphere.

2. Round Table Elegance: Where Guests Unite

Tables play a crucial role in any event, and for a round-themed baby shower, consider round tables adorned with charming centerpieces. This not only enhances the aesthetic but also encourages an intimate and inclusive atmosphere for your guests.

3. Curved Dessert Displays: Sweet Treats in Style

Indulge your guests with a dessert display that follows the round theme. Circular cake tiers, cupcakes, and even a donut wall can add a touch of sweetness while adhering to the cohesive design of the celebration.

Adding a Personal Touch

4. Custom Round Invitations: Setting the Expectation

Start the excitement early with custom round invitations. These unique invites not only serve as a sneak peek into the theme but also set the tone for the celebration ahead.

5. Round-themed Games: Interactive Fun for All

Keep the energy high with games that resonate with the round theme. From a baby bottle rolling race to a circular puzzle challenge, incorporating themed games ensures everyone is engaged and entertained.

In conclusion, a round theme decoration adds a touch of elegance and symbolism to your baby shower, creating a visually stunning and emotionally resonant experience for everyone involved. From circular backdrops to personalized invitations, every detail contributes to a celebration that will be remembered with warmth and joy. So, embrace the round theme and embark on a journey of creativity and love for your upcoming baby shower!

Whimsical Atmosphere, Unforgettable Moments

“Charm Your Guests with Round Decor”

“Premium Decor for Memorable Celebrations”


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06:16 21 Aug 23
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04:58 06 Aug 23
Aroshi Grace DAroshi Grace D
05:34 06 Jul 23
Had good experience
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12:20 28 Jun 23
It's a shop of a event organiserWhere you can get services like decoration and some rental items and small range toys
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Best shop for decoration ideas and return gifts. We asked them to decor on the same day, they provided us many options and decorated for my kid with an adorable design.
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Service is awesome, responded immediately to my request and provided a reasonable quotation for our baby shower decor. We are very happy for choosing hassi party shop for our baby shower decor
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This shop has large number of options .owner gave me lot of ideas and showed me lot of options for my purpose. I really liked it
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Ordered decoration for my daughter’s 1st birthday and they did a great job and exceeded our expectations. Cost is very reasonable and highly recommend them.
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02:03 24 Jan 21
Situated near HMT Hills Ramalayam, they have decoration and party material for all occasions - Birthdays, Baby shower, Wedding/anniversaries, etc at very reasonable prices. Not only do they provide the material based on theme for decorations, they also have a team to do the decoration at your place at very competitive price.I recently signed them up for decoration at my home for my son's birthday. They did the decoration super fast. It came out to be very sober and elegant to the liking of everyone of us and guests. Would definitely recommend them for your parties/occasions.
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